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"The Storybox Adventure"
An interactive exhibit.
by Carolyn M. Scott and Kristin Carlson

March 20 - April 22

Solutionaries Climat Change Exhibit
Award-winning filmmaker and environmental educator Carolyn M. Scott and award-winning playwright
Kristin Carlson present their modern myth: "The Storybox Adventure," Book One in the Solutionaries Trilogy.

Celebrated artists from around the world have created one of a kind "treasures" to honor the achievements
of seven climate heroes. Participating artists include: Margaret Atwood, Lily Yeh, Giulio Menossi,
Fran Forman, Mac Adams, Mia Tavonatti, Penny Michel, Marie Gibbons
and Ron Seivertson.

The marriage of art, science and social consciousness comes to life in this interactive exhibit for young
people of all ages.
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