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Red Triptych Hamlet Mateo "Plow by Luke Damiani
Mary Jarvis Hamlet Mateo Luke Damiani
Luke Damiani's sculptures, "A Narrative of
Elements", utilize wood, metal and other
materials in constructing dynamic forms that
reflect the history of engineering and his
continued exploration of the history of his
ancestral lineage. This young artist wields a
vigorous vocabulary of form and material that
weds the past with an exploration of the con-
temporary vernacular.

Mary Jarvis
explores the subtle and random
rhythms of nature in her paintings titled
"Wood Grains". Utilizing a vivid palette, she
draws our attention to the too easily overlooked
beauty to be found in the natural world that sur-
rounds us.   *The artist will be painting in the
gallery during the opening and during a resi-
dency at the gallery.

Hamlet Mateo
will present work from a new
series of pen and ink drawings. A selection of
drawings from a suite of 150, titled "Early Man",
explores the history of colonialism. Locating his
subjects in his mythical country of Mongo, the
artist graphically depicts the roles of both con-
queror and the conquered.

February 11 - April 7, 2012

Featured Works by
Luke Damiani
Mary Jarvis
Hamlet Mateo

February 11, 6-9 pm
132 MILL STREET, SUITE 101 . HEALDSBURG, CA 95448 TEL 707.473.9600

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