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GARFAGNANA by robert Michael Smith

An Art & Science Exhibit & Lecture

(Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology)

August 15 - August 24, 2013
THURSDAY, 8/15 from 6PM to 8PM
*** Limited Seating! ***

Robert Michael Smith will present visual documentation of significant art, science, and technology projects that he has completed during the past year as well as a survey of small digital sculptures from the past several years that have shaped the evolution of "Regenesis", a physical interactive studio exhibition that will explore sculptural manifestations of virtuality into actuality at Hammerfriar Gallery August 15th through August 24th.

During the past decade Smith has worked with Asian artisans to traditionally fabricate sculptures in stone, metal, and wood that he has developed in various CAD software applications. This development has afforded a quantum aesthetic leap by significantly speeding up the design process to view evolutionary changes in cannibalized and metamorphic organic forms through time as dimensional animation. Smith is currently engaged in developing Art & Science collaborative art projects that will utilize bio-mechanical, genetic Engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnologies.

Smith will present a public lecture along with the half-hour video, "Stage One - Bio-Sculpture: Rapid Prototyping Human Biological Material for Sculpture", an interview with Dr. Anthony Atala at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, that documents the first rapid prototyped human tissue of an invented sculptural form designed by Robert Michael Smith. Artifacts of this project will be included as an installation in "Regenesis" exhibition.

Smith will also present a half-hour lecture with images of the robotic stone carving residency at Garfagnana Innovazione in Gramolazzo, Italy where he worked earlier this summer to produce the sublimely beautiful and complex marble sculpture, "Garfagnana Gallop Grazie". Images and prototypes of the finished sculpture will be included in this exhibition.

While Smith has created his sculptural forms with his mobile laptop studio he has traveled the world extensively in search of sacred places for aesthetic enlightenment. The digital photography that documents these exotic journeys will be exhibited electronically and be available for sale as beautiful prints on demand.

The public is invited to visit Hammerfriar Gallery Tuesdays - Sundays from August 15th - 24th from 12:00-3:00 PM to observe and interact with Smith while he develops new sculptural forms and images at his mobile 3D Design Studio that will be the centerpiece of "Regenesis".
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