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Sculpture and Works on Paper.

Oakland-based artist Jann Nunn has exhibited, lectured and held residencies internationally and throughout the United States since 1987.

A unique body of work chosen by curators
Jill plamann and Olivia Balfour:

Chris Beards, Pamela Holmes,
Mike Tinney, James Lloyd,
Sandra Deeks, Frank Miller,
Bill Shelley, Penny Michel,
Hamlet Mateo, Eli Slaydon,
Catherine Richardson,
Drew Prestis, Christiane M. Vincent
Sherry Parker and Brian Wilson

August 27- October 6, 2013
Arc of the Atlas
Saturday, September 14

Hammerfriar Gallery 132 Mill Street, Suite 101 Healdsburg CA 95448 707-473-9600
Tu-Fr, 10-6PM, Sat, 10-5PM,
Sun, 12-4PM

Arc of the Atlas

In this exhibit a marriage of head and heart inform the decisions of Jann's multi-faceted artwork, primarily in the form of sculpture and works on paper. The show's central piece, Arc of the Atlas, is a 10-foot tall stack of paper carved into a form capped at either end with cast bronze representing the atlas (first vertebrae) and the sacrum at the base.
132 MILL STREET, SUITE 101 . HEALDSBURG, CA 95448 TEL 707.473.9600

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