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Molly Perez
Mixed Media

April 14 - June 16


April 14
- 8:30 PM
Hammerfriar Gallery
132 Mill Street, Ste. 101
Healdsburg, CA 95448
Tu-Fr, 10-6, Sat, 10-5

“Firing Pine to Clear My Throat”  18” x 24”
Molly Perez is part owner of JaM JAr, a retail space in Santa Rosa's Arts
District and a leading Sonoma County artist who draws inspiration from
nature and daily life.

She begins by salvaging material - collecting vintage books, newsprint, wallpaper, discarded art, and scrapbooks that she rips, tears, and cuts deliberately to construct an image. This process allows her to work intuitively with an immediate and raw quality.

Her remarkable upbringing was influential. As a young person, she had a front-row seat to a very important art scene. Her mother, Carla Hills, supervised exhibitions for contemporary California Native American art. Carla's partner, Frank LaPena, played a central role in her development. Not only did she live with and study his incredible works, but she had long discussions and access to his prolific collection of art books. Other influential artists such as Harry Fonseca and Rick Bartow were friends of the family. Family trips to the Candy Store Gallery in Folsom, CA were a favorite outing. The gallery's informal and intimate setting solidified her interest in an approachable art world.
132 MILL STREET, SUITE 101 . HEALDSBURG, CA 95448 TEL 707.473.9600

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